Rachelle Friedman, LMSW

Rachelle F HeadshotHello!

My name is Rachelle, and I believe that you have everything that you need to be great. My background is in psychology with an emphasis on neuroscience and cognition, as well as social work; this is what shapes my practice. I understand that as we grow and experience our environment, our brains grow and change with us.

I am a nonjudgmental and compassionate therapist who wants to help my clients meet the goals that they have set for themselves. I use EMDR Therapy; a form of therapy that uses different sensory (audio, visual, and tactile) stimulations, to process past experiences, as well as other cognitive and mindfulness based therapies. I believe that by individualizing therapeutic treatment and meeting you where you are emotionally, I can help you.

Job Description: Mental health clinicians at Infinite Healing and Wellness LLC assist children, adults, couples, and families in coping with behavioral, mental, emotional, and relational problems that interfere with their daily lives. Our licensed clinicians assess, diagnose, and collaborate with our clients in order to determine the best approach and treatment plan to meet his or her specific needs. Our practitioners employ excellent communication and observational skills to determine a patient’s needs and document his or her progress.  Our ultimate goal is to cultivate an environment where a patient finds success with the therapeutic process and is able to terminate the relationship.