Kendra Eckerd, LAC




I am a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) committed to providing my clients with a supportive, compassionate therapeutic relationship to facilitate healing and growth. My approach to counseling is collaborative and client-centered, honoring the unique needs of each individual to create a customized treatment plan. I am passionate about helping clients gain insight and make meaning of the challenges presenting in their lives, moving forward with solutions for positive change. I specialize in trauma, anxiety/panic, depression, relationship issues, addiction/substance abuse, codependency, life transitions, work burnout and self-esteem. I enjoy working with adults and adolescents to process traumas, lessen anxieties, and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors. ​

Job Description: Mental health clinicians at Infinite Healing and Wellness LLC assist children, adults, couples, and families in coping with behavioral, mental, emotional, and relational problems that interfere with their daily lives. Our licensed clinicians assess, diagnose, and collaborate with our clients in order to determine the best approach and treatment plan to meet his or her specific needs. Our practitioners employ excellent communication and observational skills to determine a patient’s needs and document his or her progress.  Our ultimate goal is to cultivate an environment where a patient finds success with the therapeutic process and is able to terminate the relationship.